Vala Lamberger - 1877 – 1953

…”she stood there again, the delicate woman with her large hat and her easel, in an old part of Heppenheim town. Taken with the view, she used her impressive skill to create a picture of light and shade ……”

This was how many people in Heppenhiemer saw the artist in the years 1930 to 1953.

Vala Lamberger is a celebrated artist, whom one cannot rate highly enough from today’s perspective. With boundless energy and dedication together with a pen and brush she developed a large range of oil paintings. Her images, created with charcoal and drawings in India ink can move and fascinate the art lover and casual viewer alike.

This extraordinarily versatile artist was born in 1877 in Mainz. She grew up with musical parents and famous ancestors. She dedicated herself in to her musical gift – as a talented pianist. Vala took up painting as a career after she had to give up being a concert pianist due to health reasons.

Under professor Thieman (Leipzig), professor Eugon Spiro (Berlin), professor Walter Thor (Munich) and Picard le Doux (Paris) gave Vala Lamberger broad pictorial training in the thirties and forties.

The artist died aged 76 in Heppenheim, Germany. Roads in Heppenheim, Neuhausen and Worms have since been named after her.

Silke is the great grand daughter of Vala Lamberger.

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